When targeting certain demographics it can often help to start the conversation with a communication channel that they are familiar with, and then move to your desired channel after you have started the relationship.

For example; for an older demographic that is not commonly/easily reached “online”, it’s worth considering a more traditional approach to your front end marketing.

You could test a >problem/solution/benefit focused< direct mail campaign to a targeted list of seniors. The mail piece/postcard could direct them to a >short benefit driven/ user-friendly url< where you can then use retargeting to transition the conversation and relationship to your preferred communication channel (i.e. website/email/relevant social media group etc.).

There are also “free” options that you can apply this model to as well. Example: You could test affinity marketing by exploring the supply chain of products and services used by the target demographic and identifying companies that are complimentary/related to your offer.

An example of this could be to offer a discounted/bespoke version/package of your product to members of “XYZ Seniors Association”. They get to offer your free/discounted product as a massive value-add to their customers which increases their goodwill and perceived value to their customer base, and you get the benefit of reaching their audience for free which results in a low customer acquisition cost. Win-win.

Although the above are only two very high-level ideas, the more important point is that sometimes it is more effective to empathize with your target audience and demonstrate your understanding of them and their needs by communicating to them in the medium that they are most comfortable with.

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David Hockley
David Hockley

David Hockley is a business investor, entrepreneur, growth expert, and trainee polymath. David is the founder & CEO of GrowthMachines.io, an AI-powered business growth system, and he is also co-founder & CEO of Ideation Incubator, a business Startup Incubator. But first and foremost, David is a family man.