Below is something that I recently shared at a high-level client event where we were designing high-performance face-to-face and telephone sales scripts for their sales teams (and the associated lead generation marketing materials)…

…so, I thought I’d share the love with you wonderful peeps too!

At the end of this post, I’ve also included a very interesting article on how other companies (and politicians) are combining Big Data with the OCEAN personality profiling model to achieve ultra personalized campaigns and super high conversions.


Well, in the recent test that we conducted with clients, we’ve been able to successfully apply a simplified/crude version of the OCEAN/BIG DATA model to sales and marketing campaigns with a very high degree of success.

And I do mean a *very* high degree of success.

Using this process we’ve helped our clients engineer sales processes that enable their top sales executives to convert up to 72% of qualified prospects into paying clients.

And perhaps most interestingly of all, we’ve found that by designing a sales process using this framework we totally remove the need to be/act all ‘salesy’, which means we can enable average sales producers to increase their production levels close to that of top performers.



Well, although most professional marketers/sales people will automatically communicate in a ‘tone’ that they feel is most likely to resonate with their audience…

…what we’ve found by using the below approach is that it provides a somewhat objective frame of reference that enables you to apply a weighting/prioritization system to each of the component parts of your sales scripting and marketing messaging, which in turn makes it less random and more quantifiable, which in turn, then means it can be more effectively split tested and improved.

Here’s a high-level overview of a simple two-step approach to applying this model to a sales process split-test hypothesis.


Look for common denominators and characteristics that enable you to profile the prospect that you are targetting and then use the OCEAN model to define their personality profile.

(We’ve done this by profiling prospects based on assessing which character traits are typically dominant for an individual based on their job role. This data is freely available online by researching career choice personality matching. And by incorporating this research data/approach you are also increasing the statistical significance of your assumptions at the same time.

An overly simplified example could be that an “Accountant” is **TYPICALLY** more likely to have a heavier OCEAN weighting in “Conscientiousness” and “Neuroticism” than a “Sales Director” who is more likely to be heavier OCEAN weighted in “Extraversion” and “Agreeableness”).


When engineering your sales scripts and marketing creatives (both copy and visuals), you can then apply not only “job level” specificity to your piece, but also personality level specificity to your feature/benefit/consequence problem-resolution language.

This enables you to highlight that you not only understand the prospect’s problems and the impact those issues have on their company/job/customers/life but also demonstrates that you also understand how THEY are likely to interpret and feel about those problems/issues based on their personality.

This unique level of empathy allows you to rise above the marketplace noise and gives the reader/listener the feeling that you not only understand (and specialize?) in their industry, but you are also the “type of person/company” that they would like to communicate/do business with, and maybe even socialize with…!? (i.e. you “get them and their needs”)

A cautionary note; as my model isn’t YET (watch this space) incorporating the Big Data element directly into each sales script, it still isn’t an exact science by any measure. Nonetheless, we have found that this framework certainly outperforms licking your finger and sticking it in the air to find “creative direction”.

Anyway, I hope the above helps – and if you incorporate this into your sales campaigns, please let me know how you get on.

P.S. If you’d like to see some amazing real-world applications of the OCEAN model, be sure to watch the short video on the below article page too.


[NOTICE: We are not associated with the above Centiment website in any way]

David Hockley
David Hockley

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